Row of Urban Buildings Wall Decal

$ 34.95

Incorporate a friendly or eccentric atmosphere to your child's bedroom or playroom by installing this Row of Urban City Buildings. It consists of five buildings situated adjacent to each other, and is decorated with various beautiful patterns.  There is also the option to purchase this decal without the floral patterns. The color scheme has many options available: friendly pastel, bright pink and blue, primary colors, pink and purple, and many more. Some of the color schemes have a soft friendly appearance as they do not have any harsh or overly bright colors, while others have an eccentric and unique feel to it. Each custom option can give any room its own unique personality.


Skip the sticky part because these decals do not need adhesives, glues or pastes. It can be applied to most walls and can last for years. These high quality decals can be removed easily without leaving any residue or stain on your walls.

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