Damask #3 Wall Decal

$ 64.99
SKU: SKU15611x-S2

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Our Damask Wall Decal is characterized by patterns found in fine woven cloth throughout history. Today damask is featured in many weddings and is commonly associated with fine furnishings. This decal adds the perfect designer look to any space and you can skip the sticky part because this decal does not require adhesives, glues or pastes. It can be applied to most walls and can last for years. As a bonus this high quality decal can be removed easily without leaving any residue or stain on your walls. With different colors and sizes to choose from, surely there will be a decal that matches your personality. Other than this decal we have seven other decals availabel for purchase. Feel free to give any of them a 90 degrees spin to create a whole new look!!!
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