Chalkboard Calendar with Note Section on the Side

$ 64.95

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Approximate sizes of the day of the month blocks:

  • Medium -5" x 4"
  • Large - 7.5" x 4.5"

One calendar for the whole year! These customized calendars are great for a kitchen, dorm room, bedroom, office, or anywhere else! This vinyl calendar decal is made of a professional matte black adhesive vinyl and is an easy way to write a quick note or keep track of things to remember. The vinyl calendar decal works best on any smooth surface and we recommend using a chalk pen that can be purchased at any craft store. However, if you like the old fashioned feel of real chalk then by all means - that works too. Simply write the current month on the top of the calendar and fill in the respected numbers for the days of that month! Add notes on the days for your personal needs and cross off the days as needed. Washes off with a moist paper towel and/or mild cleaning spray at the start of the new month. This makes a great gift too.

This decal is removable with no leftover residue or damage to the wall.  Available with the names of the month in different styles and colors. 

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